YSL Dress in Austria

Well, I’m enjoying a good sit down after a full on week of snowboarding in Austria last week – photos to follow! Our suitcases were full of salopettes and jumpers, not much room for pretty clothes this week but I did manage to squeeze in one dress (I actually can’t believe I’ve been away with only one dress!).

My new YSL pattern dress is the perfect winter dress. The whole dress is underlined with the softest lining fabric and it’s such a thick wool fabric, making it really cosy. This was the first time I had ever come across underlining, it was very simple – it meant cutting the pattern pieces in both the dress and lining fabrics and then sewing each lining piece to its corresponding dress fabric piece. Then all darts, gathering and so on are sewn through both layers of fabric. 

The pattern was a reprint of the original vintage pattern, a great idea so you can cut it out without fear of ruining an original pattern. The last season of The Sewing Bee featured YSL sewing patterns, I didn’t know they existed and really liked the idea of sewing my own ‘designer’ dress. Well, the next week this came through the post – best husband award goes to Sam! 

The only problem with vintage patterns can be the way the instructions are written and this one did leave me with some head scratching. The part about the sleeve caps really confused me and I ended up doing it my own way – I wasn’t completely happy with how it turned out but I gave it my best effort and got fed up of using the stitch ripper! 

I love a high neck on my dresses and tops but this one is quite tight around the neckline – do any fellow sewers have tips for adjusting necklines? I think I just need an inch or so more breathing space! 

Overall I was really happy with it, it’s been doing a good job of keeping me warm both in Austria and England! If you enjoy sewing vintage, I highly recommend the Vintage Pattern Company. The pattern was printed on really sturdy paper and the instructions made into a handy A4 book. 

Pattern: YSL 1896, Vogue Paris Original (1967) from The Vintage Pattern Shop on eBay

Size Used: 14

True to size? I would say it’s a modern day size 10 

Adjustments Made? Shortened length, which meant I had to adjust the flare in the skirt

Fabric: Wool fabric – Abakhan and Underlining Fabric – a new local to me shop (exciting!)

Thanks for reading, I will be back soon with Austria snaps! 


13 thoughts on “YSL Dress in Austria

  1. Elegant dress & nicely done. I hadn’t heard of this pattern company – mustn’t have been concentrating on the Sewing Bee. I’m going to take a look.
    You can insert a triangular wedge in the neckline at the shoulder seams to loosen it.

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    1. Thank you very much. Well, I think it’s someone who makes replicas of vintage patterns – such as the YSL patterns. Well, worth knowing as vintage sewing pattern lover!
      Thank you so much for the tip, I will have a look at doing that!

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  2. The style is very flattering, Georgia. From the photos your sleeves look good to me. What was the problem? Too much ease? Did you pre-shrink the ease out of the cap by steaming it?

    For tight, round necklines I was told to lower the neckline about 1/4″ at center front an work upwards. The 1/4″ phases out into the original curve at the back. You can try that kind of alteration on a muslin first. If needed, the back neckline can be slightly changed by continuing the 1/4″ line until you hit center back. Center back should rest about the level of the back bone at the nape of the neck.

    If you need more room it might be necessary to add a little dart at the back neckline. The more you take away from the center front to back, the wider the neckline will be and the excess may need taking in. As always experiment on a muslin and consider it a home sewing course in alterations.

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    1. Hi Emily?
      Yes, I think too much ease – on the picture of the pattern the sleeves were kind of ‘inset’ into the bodice. However, no I didn’t pre-shrink them I’ve never heard of this before but sounds like something I should be doing?! Do you do this every time?
      Ooh wow, thanks so much for the information! Sounds like I need to get practising – I like the sound of a home sewing course in alterations haha πŸ™‚ it’s not something I know much about so I’m very appreciative!


  3. Hello to all. Thank you Georgia for writing this wonderful blog and mentioning our company The Vintage Pattern Shop. I am the owner and may name is Sonny.

    We have been going for several years now and sell worldwide to Designers, Theatres, film and TV and ordinary enthusiastic sewers of vintage. We have over 2,200 vintage patterns (still counting), of which we sell a straight lift from the original vintage patterns.

    For any person who comes to us, or discovers us via this SUPER blog and wishes to purchases our vintage patterns, please accept a 20% discount. Just mention this blog in an email to me and I will be happy to offer you this discount on any of our patterns.


    Happy Sewing to you all.

    A BIG THANK YOU to a very valid customer of mine such as Georgia, who on this blog has highlighted one of our products and shown off her excellent finished garment from one of our many vintage patterns.

    A joy to read!

    Sonny x

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