Maternity Bettine Dress

A couple of week’s before my baby shower, Tilly & The Buttons released two maternity sewing patterns… Perfect timing, as if you have read my Pregnancy Conundrums post you will know the woes I had maternity clothes shopping and I wasn’t keen to start that all again when looking for a dress for the day.  I chose the Bettine pattern and some gorgeous fabric I’ve had sat … Continue reading Maternity Bettine Dress

Pregnancy Conundrums – Things I Wish They Told You

At 20 weeks pregnant, I have come across plenty of conundrums that I don’t have the answers for. Some that I haven’t been able to find answers to when I’ve asked at appointments and others that have crept up on me that I wouldn’t have thought to ask. Obviously, Google is only a couple of taps away but I’ve already lost several hours to Google … Continue reading Pregnancy Conundrums – Things I Wish They Told You