Why I’m Glad I Didn’t Wrap My Baby’s Christmas Presents 

‘Be Still and Know That I Am God’ – Psalm chapter 46 verse 10 

I love to be organised. I love to make plans. I also love my yearly diary that keeps me organised and making those plans. So what happens when something doesn’t go to plan? 

I have been blessed with a wonderful baby boy, he is so precious. His entry into the world didn’t go to plan though and one emergency c-section later, I was sent home with instructions to Be Still for the next 6 weeks. I was shocked when the midwife told me I couldn’t drive. I had had visions of George and I clapping along to nursery rhymes at mums and tots, visiting friends&family and exploring the world together straight away. (Thinking back, maybe this was a bit ambitious!) 

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not really a hardship to be waited on hand and foot for a few weeks. I am so grateful to Sam and my mum for looking after me, Sam would drop us off at my parents before work. They were working shifts looking after us! 

However, part of me (the Martha part) really struggled with knowing that Sam had had a full day at work and that when we got home the jobs I hadn’t been able to fulfil would be waiting to be done. That part of me prayed that George would fall asleep for half an hour so that I could jump up and do the washing or empty the dishwasher, despite the midwives instructions. 

This is where God stepped in to remind me to Be Still. In Luke chapter 10 verses 38-42, Martha and Mary had two different attitudes when Jesus visited their home. Martha was busy cooking, scolding Mary who chose to sit at Jesus’ feet and enjoy his presence. When we sit back like Mary, not only can we too enjoy Jesus’ presence but we can enjoy the moments that may have just passed us by otherwise. 

In reality housework and grocery shopping, although important; are really no where near as important as just being with my son. Just enjoying him. And him enjoying me. 

So when Christmas Eve rolled around, Sam & I were busily wrapping presents. I was worrying about getting it all done. It hit 8pm and I was thinking ‘Ah I’ve not even wrapped George’s presents yet!’. I’d had it all planned, Christmas Day would be so special unwrapping his presents with him. Then it hit me. Christmas Day was going to be special anyway. Christmas Eve could be special too but only if I let it. I could stress myself out wrapping more presents for the next 3 hours (slow gift wrapper alert!) or I could take my 9-week-old in my arms and cuddle him with my husband. Just being. That memory is so much more special than a mad chaos of wrapping paper everywhere that George would never remember. 

So as a New Year has started, although I don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions; I do have a mindset of Be Still. I plan to relish every possible moment. Don’t get me wrong, while George naps I do run around the house doing as many jobs as possible but when he’s awake I’m trying to remember to spend time just being. 

Well, Happy New Year (it’s not too late to say that, is it?!) and here’s to 2018!

PS. I do fully intend to wrap all future Christmas presents for George! I can’t wait for next year when he’s older and can unwrap them himself. Not that I want to wish the year away! 


10 thoughts on “Why I’m Glad I Didn’t Wrap My Baby’s Christmas Presents 

  1. Congrats to all! To you, Sam and George! I have been thinking of you and wondering how everything went. I was very happy to read this posting. To sum it up I understand what you’re saying 100%. I think your positive outlook and spiritual approach will help you successfully pass through this necessary period of rest. Happy New Year!

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    1. Thank you so much and Happy New Year to you too! Very true! I’m really hoping to remind myself to slow down as much as possible this year and make the most of every moment 🙂


  2. Congratulations! I think after you’ve just had a baby, you need to rest! He will appreiciate the wrapping more next year!
    I had to tidy my house for a house viewing a week after i had baby no.2 and i almost collapsed doing it.. with my mum doing most of it anyway! Your body has been through a lot espeicially a c-section…it is surgery! Ìts not worth it…the first few weeks should be all about rest!

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