Pregnancy Conundrums – Things I Wish They Told You

At 20 weeks pregnant, I have come across plenty of conundrums that I don’t have the answers for. Some that I haven’t been able to find answers to when I’ve asked at appointments and others that have crept up on me that I wouldn’t have thought to ask. Obviously, Google is only a couple of taps away but I’ve already lost several hours to Google and it can be an endless spiral of forums full of everybody’s opinion so it’s not always best to start looking. I’ve compiled a list of a few things that have left me stumped so far, the solutions I’ve found for myself and the answers I’m still searching for. 

Maternity clothes 

This Saturday was a full day of shopping with my sisters, I was excited at the prospect of shopping for maternity jeans, work trousers and also for finding a dress for an upcoming wedding. Imagine my disappointment at learning that a shopping centre full to the brim of shops had only one shop with a maternity section (Well done H&M). This is the first time in my life that I have absolutely no clue what size I need to buy so really need a good trying on session. I’m very disappointed in the high street! 

Solution: I tried on every dress style we could find in regular clothes until we figured out which style worked best. The next solution was a trip to Mothercare today, where I was pleased to find a reasonable sized department and purchased a lovely dress. 

Help Still Needed: I’m still no where in my hunt for trousers, neither H&M nor Mothercare had a full selection of sizes. H&M had my size which were too big and a size down that fitted around the waist but not in the leg. In Mothercare, the size down was tiny and my normal size was far too short in the leg so I couldn’t get a feel for the waist. So as I turn to Internet shopping, I’m still not sure if I should buy my size or the size down as it seems to vary between shop. Humph! 

Pain Killer Solutions 

Surely this must be everyone’s biggest bug bear?! I’m finding this to be the hardest thing. Due to an ongoing condition the hospital has had me signed up on a diet of strong ibuprofen and cocoldamol (one every two hours) for many years and although over the last couple of years I’ve worked hard to try not to take it every two hours, it’s really hard. 

Solution: This is ongoing and I’m just trying to find ways to make life easier to help general pain. A maternity pillow has been a great purchase, mainly for sitting on the sofa with in the evening. I have actually just been prescribed cocoldamol by the hospital too, absolute life savers! Obviously you can’t go wrong with a bath either but whilst I’m thinking about it, baths cause controversy too…

Help Still Needed: Tiger Balm is something I usually swear by  but I have had such mixed opinions. I think the opinion of doctors and midwives that I have asked has been pretty split down the middle… Half not being sure, half saying go ahead. So if anyone has advise on this one, it would be greatly appreciated! 


A simple bath can unleash you into a whole world of complicated Google searching. My Epsom salts say ‘Check with your midwife’, Google says ‘Epsom Salts are fine’. My Radox Bubble bath says nothing, Google says ‘Stay away from the Radox’. Contradictions are everywhere! 

Solution: Lush bath bombs! I’ve gone for the ones with the least amount of products in, my favourite being the Lush Butterball. (Β£2.75 each!) Another great bath idea for when you don’t have a Lush bath bomb is lavender oil, buy it in your pharmacy and then the bottle will last for ages so you can always count on it being in the bathroom. You need to mix it in a carrier oil, but you can use milk so you should be able to count on having that in too. 3-5 drops to half a mug of milk, mix it under running water and honestly you will feel great.

I have plenty of others conundrums I could add to this post and I’m sure I will come across more so expect a Part Two to come soon! For now, I will leave it there as I could really go on for ages!

Ps. I’ve included a few links to some of the products I’m using as I thought it may be of help to someone else out there! Also, all the photos were found on Google. 


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Conundrums – Things I Wish They Told You

  1. Hi Mum-to-be! Georgia, the only questions I can answer are about Tiger’s Balm. It is very effective for muscle pain but the smell lasts for hours. It is also very thick. The alternative I’ve found is a mentholated gel that rubs into the skin and is absorbed. I keep it in the refrigerator so it is cool when I put it on. I don’t know if you can buy Delta Brand’s “Lucky Cooling Gel” at a discount store in the UK but if you can find comparable try it out. Sometimes the product is also called Lucky Super Soft. I reviewed it here

    Another pain reliever are gel packs. These go in the freezer until ready to be applied to the area where you have discomfort. The gel pack is wrapped in a towel so that you do not get a big shock when it’s used! Another thing you might want to consider is a heating pad. I recommend speaking with your doctor first before you use an ice or heat form of treatment.

    I’ve never been preggers so can’t give any advice on clothes. What I do remember was what my Mom shared with me of her pregnancies. Some women find that as the pregnancy advances they feel a bit ragged. There is nothing like a good foot massage and a pedicure and manicure to boost a sense of feeling good, especially when the baby bump gets bigger and sometimes it’s hard to do this for yourself.


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