Travel Review – Ulster Folk Museum 

May last year I visited the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum just outside of Belfast, I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a museum trip more. I was looking at some photos from our trip and thought I just had to share my experience – it’s the perfect day out for vintage lovers and anyone who appreciates architecture and gardens throughout the century’s. Actually, it’s the perfect day out for anyone really! 

As you walk into the folk museum, you pretty soon realise that you have been transported to years gone by. The first point of call is the vintage sweet shop, where a gentleman served us with a lovely old-fashion service. I need some retro chocolate nibbles in my pocket to keep me going whilst I walk, too. 

The museum is made up of a vast amount of houses, shops, churches and more spread over a large space (like really large, we were there for hours and I’m not sure we covered half of it!). The houses are all real houses that have been taken from their original locations – each brick numbered carefully, taken down brick by brick and then rebuilt at the museum. So each building has it’s own history.

My favourite was this beautiful big cottage with a wonderful garden at the front. There was a huge fireplace inside which they said had been used for smoking meats – my sort of my fireplace! 

No ‘village’ is complete without a haberdashery/tailors either, right? And this was no exception, just look at it! My only disappointment was that in other shops and ‘businesses’ you could buy or do things but in the haberdashery it was looking only – despite the big amount of new fabrics they had. It would have been great to walk away with a few metres of fabric! 

And, the tailor had a pretty great home haberdashery too…

Well, I hope I may have inspired someone to make a trip. If I’m honest, before we went I had actually seen an article in Vintage magazine for the folk museum and it really didn’t sell it for me. We ended up going with my family on the recommendation of a friend. So as I enjoyed it so much I thought that I had to share it with others. 

It’s probably best enjoyed on a sunny day, which we were fortunate to have. It’s a bargain though, at £11 an adult which gets you into the Transport museum too (my husband would say that was his favourite bit!). 

Well, I hope you’re all enjoying the bank holiday. Sam is working on the conservatory he’s doing on our cottage and I’m doing my best to help – passing tools that sort of thing! Here’s to a sunny bank holiday Monday (hopefully!). 


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