Stash Busting – How to Make a Cable Drum Footstool

Hands up fellow sewers, dressmakers and crafters who else is guilty of a HUGE fabric scrap pile?! In a bid to do my bit in not being wasteful, at the end of each project I dutifully collect any ‘useable’ scraps and scurry them away into my scraps bag… Which is almost bursting to the seams! So I’ve set myself a challenge to use them, one project a month and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a lot less fabric scraps. 

You may have read my first stash busting post back in February, if not you can check out how I used leftover fabric to gift wrap presents Here – it looked super cute! Now I’m back on track and ready to show you my next scrap busting project. 

Small upholstery projects are perfect for those bigger pieces of fabric you may have lurking around. Upholstery is also a great project for those sunnier days as it’s something you can take outside and work on in the garden as I did. So find a piece of furniture that may need a new lease of life and let’s get to work! We had this cable drum waiting to be turned into a footstool so that was my chosen item and I’m going to run through how I did it. 

Disclaimer I feel like I have to admit that I am not an expert at upholstery at all and my mum helped me more than a little bit with this project so I can’t claim much credit for the instructions I’m going to take you through! 

How to Make a Cable Drum Footstool

You will need:

  1. Cable drum
  2. Padding – I used a piece from a memory foam mattress
  3. Fabric
  4. Sandpaper 
  5. Staple gun
  6. Fabric scissors 
  7. Beeswax 

Sand down your cable drum

Cut your padding down to size. Lay your fabric out, with your padding in the centre and your cable drum on top of that. 

Start pulling the fabric up and around, stapling as you go. This will take quite a while and as it’s round you will have to make sure you are pulling it not just up but to the side, make sure you keep going in the same direction. Hopefully you can see this in my photos below. Make sure you keep the fabric pulled taught as you go – you may find you need an extra pair of hands at this point.

Cut down the excess fabric, once you have stapled down all the fabric 

Ta da! The rest of your footstool is ready to be waxed.

Now I realise I haven’t got a photo of my footstool finished with wax but I am currently sat with my feet up on it after a really busy day and have no intention of moving hehe, so I will be back to edit this post with a new photo tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a good Saturday evening! 

Ps. You may recognise this fabric from my Retro Flared Trousers and Standard Lampshade – I think this piece of fabric cost me £2 in a charity shop so I think this is a serious case of waste not want not! I love all three too so that’s even better! 


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