Trainee Housewife Becomes Trainee Mum

I’m popping by with some exciting news that I have shared on Instagram already but I thought I should share over here too. Well, Sam and I have been looking for a use for our spare bedroom for a while… Sam wanted a man cave and I would have a loved a sewing room but it’s soon to be a baby room! 

So as you can imagine I’ve been rather quiet on the sewing front, as although I’m yet to grow out of any clothes I don’t want to make something that I may only ever get to wear once or twice. I have got a couple of sews waiting to get photographed so that I can share them, though 

Sewing for me aside, I can’t wait to get baby sewing! I’m just waiting to find out the gender in a few weeks and then I’ll get planning! Although I have sewn one thing already and I couldn’t get over how cute&tiny it was. 

All this thinking about sewing for babies must have inspired me as I’ve started sewing baby t-shirts into memory cushions to sell on my Etsy shop, you can find them Here. It’s a great way to treasure the memory of how small your baby was/is and makes a lovely gift – Simply post your chosen t-shirt to me, I will sew it into a cushion and send it back to you. This example was for my friend and I was so pleased with how much she loved it! 

Well, watch this space! Baby due October 2017! 


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