Christmas Gone Too Fast? Upcycle: Christmas Wreath to Winter Wreath

The twelfth night of Christmas, time for the tree to go (if it hasn’t already) and for the decorations to be put away until later this year. Why does everything have to go away though? I always think the house looks so bare for the first few weeks without the glistening Christmas treasures so I set about to see what I could turn into ‘Winter decorations’ to keep the house looking great. 

 I make a Christmas wreath every year but this time Sam made the one for our front door – I love the natural wood look he went for and as it isn’t made with foliage it means it will last. If you have a wreath like ours that will last or perhaps an artificial one – I want to show you one way you can redecorate it with a winter look. 

To create my look you will need:

  • Cinnamon sticks – You may find them in the potpourri, mulled wine kits or baking kits you have lurking in the back of the kitchen cupboard 
  • Ribbon – Why not save the ribbon that came around presents or chocolate boxes?
  • Garden wire – There may be some on your wreath already holding on the Christmas bits, when you take them off you can reuse the wire 

Cinnamon sticks smell amazing and I love the aroma they fill a room with but you may like to try tying something else with ribbon – let me know if you give it a try! 

This is such a simple make which will take half an hour, here’s how:

  • Take off any Christmassy bits you no longer want (remember to save anything like ribbon for next year!)
  • Wrap your cinnamon sticks in groups of three with ribbon, tie with a bow – make sure it’s tight so the sticks don’t slide out when they’re hanging up
  • Slide the garden wire through the back of the ribbon and then use the wire to tie them on to the wreath 
  • Ta da! You have yourself a new wreath! 

I’m hanging my wreath inside, next to our wedding photos and vintage plate mural up the staircase wall – where will you put yours? 

Hope your first weeks of 2017 are going well! 


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