Molly Top

A week off work for Christmas has to include at least one crisp, winters walk – right? Underneath all my wrapped up layers on Friday, I was wearing my latest sew: The Molly Top. More of a summer top, it was perfect under lots of layers. I’m sure I’m not the only one like this but I’m so impatient to wear my latest sews that I couldn’t wait for the weather to get warmer to wear it – it’s just so pretty! 

I was very excited when Sew Over It brought out My Capsule City Wardrobe, if I picked all my favourite clothes in my wardrobe I’m pretty sure it would look something like the City Wardrobe. 

A lovely new overlocker was peeking under the tree on Christmas morning (thank you Sam!) and I knew the Molly Top would be perfect for an easy project to test out on the overlocker. I sewed all the seams on the overlocker which was exactly as I hoped – easy and looked fantastic! 

I used the sewing machine for the neckband and hems. It was quite a difficult jersey fabric as it was so thin and I had to be careful not stretch it, the neck did stretch a fair bit and every needle or pin mark left a tiny hole. Which was frustrating but overall I’m really happy with the finished project.

PDF patterns were a whole new ball game for me, one that I don’t particularly want to go back to any time soon. Firstly, there’s a maximum amount of clicks for the link you’re sent (I really did not know this – is this supposed to be common knowledge?) Fortunately, Sew Over It helped me out and I was able to download the links again so I could save them. Then don’t get me started on all that printing, sticking and tracing… I’m definitely a paper pattern girl! 

Pattern: Molly Top, Sew Over It’s My Capsule Wardrobe

Size Used: 10

True to size? Yes

Adjustments Made? None but I may make it slightly longer in the bodice and sleeves next 

Well, it’s New Years Day – the first post of 2017! I hope you’re all relaxing after a night of celebrating… Happy New Year! 

PS. A couple of photos from our wander around Dunham Massey, taken by Sam


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