Sew much to sew, sew little time

If there was a WordPress naughty corner for those who neglect their blogs, I think I may have made it in… A month since I last posted! If I’m really honest, my lack of blogging is due to my lack of sewing. I have to say I follow some wonderful sewers on Instagram and I always have a pang of jealousy every time someone shares the dress they made in a day or a full outfit in a week. Such amazingly, speedy sewing is stuff of dreams for me, I end up with approximately a make a month. So after feeling a bit miffed at my slow sewing and thinking I have nothing to blog about, I suddenly realised just because I haven’t got much sewing news doesn’t mean I can’t write.We’ve been busy doing lots of improvements on our cottage.

So I plan to get writing about some of our home improvements soon. Funnily enough I have just finished sewing a dress too – yay! – so I hope to wear that this weekend and get some photos.

In the meantime here are some of my last Instagram photos, it’s so nice looking back at what you’ve been up to isn’t it!

Well, have a lovely weekend all and I can’t wait to get writing again soon!


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