There’s a time for making and a time for mending…

A little advice inspired by Ecclesiasties there, A time to to tear and a time to mend. I had an hour spare for sewing but with no project ready and cut out I was rooting in my sewing wardrobe for something to do on the machine. At the bottom were the garments I had hidden away waiting to be mended. So in true waste not, want not fashion – I got sewing.

Ashamedly, I can’t remember the last time I wore either of these shirts despite having really loved them. In fact they probably had bust seams because I had actually worn them to death. I feel like I’ve added two new garments to my wardrobe now so that’s a nice feeling.

This was the first dress I made, just over two years ago. It’s the Megan dress from Tilly and the Buttons’ Love at First Stitch book. As I was just dabbling in sewing at the time, I was sewing with a big old machine from the charity shop that was probably 20-30 years old. Now that I have my lovely, new Janome I realise that the old machine probably didn’t sew that well. This was proven when I stretched and the underarm seam popped! I can’t wait to take it for a spin again, now that it’s fixed.

I couldn’t ignore Sam’s requests either. A button on his shorts and a seam on his jeans. I enjoyed sewing denim for the first time actually and was pleasantly surprised with how it passed through the machine.

Well, I have a pattern waiting to be cut so I think I may start on that – how’s that for a wild Friday night in?!

PS. That beautiful floral painting peeking in the corner is my latest vintage find which I can’t part with. I just have to find the right wall! Hmmm.


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