Malteser Slices 

I’m sure there must be lots of busy kitchens today as people bake for Macmillan Coffee Mornings tomorrow – it seems to be a thing that lots of places get involved with, my work included. After The Great British Bake Off last night and good Pinterest session I was feeling inspired so set about baking today.

Admittedly my bake is more of a chill in the fridge than a bake in the oven but I had a taste test and I’m feeling pretty smug 😉 (Is it wrong to feel smug about what you’ve baked when it’s for a charity event?)

You can find the recipe at: Bake Play Smile. I doubled the recipe and my only amendment was to add more white chocolate. Be warned though, you need a lot of maltesers. Below isn’t even half of what went in – whoops! I perhaps didn’t need to double the recipe either, I’ve filled these two tins and there’s more in the fridge.

Has anyone else been baking for Macmillan?


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