Take a Peak In My Tin: Colourful Summer Salad

Over the last couple of years I’ve become a real lover of a good salad, don’t get me wrong I’m not someone who orders ‘just a salad’ when I go out for food but I do like a good side salad. When I’m having salad with dinner at home though, I tend to be boring and always buy ready made, bagged salad for speed.

A few months ago, I decided I would use summer to experiment with salad recipes and to make them fresh myself. Well (I hate to say it) but summer’s nearly over and I realised my salad making plans had yet to happen.

I came across this Sweet Potato SaladΒ on BBC Good Food though and had to try it. It involves a lot of onion which isn’t always my favourite thing raw but it involved sweet potato and honey so I thought it couldn’t be that bad!

Well, the scores are in (anyone else Olympic mad?!) and I think it’s a good solid 7/10. Next time I’m thinking I will add more honey as it was a bit bitter for me and maybe add something leafy like rocket but the recipe comes highly recommended!


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