The Growing Fabric Stash

Oh dear, where has the time gone?! Somehow I blinked and two weeks went by since I last blogged/opened WordPress. We did go away for a few days last week to sunny North Wales so I think I will use that as my excuse! Of course no trip to North Wales is now complete without a slight detour to the lovely Abakhan in Mold on the way so I thought I would share with you the latest members of my fabric stash.

For my first purchase I was actually thinking about something other than my own wardrobe, for once. This canvas fabric is just gorgeous and will make a perfect little curtain for in front of a cupboard, instead of a cupboard door. I love hiding ugly insides of cupboards with pretty fabric!

Then, of course, my head went straight back to the ever-expanding list of sewing that I have to sewΒ want to sew for my wardrobe. The t-shirt jerseys caught my eye as its about time I give jersey a proper go. I’m thinking I will make both of these fabrics up in the same pattern and maybe even sew them at the same time (but then again, maybe not).

I’m yet to look through my pattern stash but I know exactly what I want to sew – a long sleeve, scoop neck top. Has anyone ever tried making a pattern from something they already own? I know exactly what top I want to mirror and am considering trying use that as a pattern but not sure where to start!

Has anyone else made any fabric purchases recently?


4 thoughts on “The Growing Fabric Stash

  1. Love the first fabric, the floral one, it’s so fresh and pretty. I’ve made a few recent purchases which I need to share too. I love reading and seeing what everyone else is buying πŸ˜ƒ


  2. The canvas is lovely, that will look so pretty as a curtain. Love your pompoms too! I’ve not really bought much in the way of fabric recently, I really need to tackle the pile I already have! Good luck with the jersey sewing. I’ve not copied a favourite garment recently, a long time ago I did replicate a little panelled skirt which, given it was the first garment I’d attempted since I was at school, turned out quite well. I wasn’t crazy about the fabric though and it ended up at the charity shop – I later got chatting with someone who was actually wearing it and loved it! I wish I’d kept the pattern I created but it seems to have disappeared.


    1. Thank you! The Pom poms are the result of some Pom Pom makers I was gifted – very therapeutic to make. Ooh great, how did you do that? Did you trace over the garment to create a pattern? That’s lovely that someone else got to appreciate your skirt too.


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