Elephants and Flamingos – New Look K6483

I’m not usually someone who has a queue of recent makes waiting to be blogged as I just don’t sew enough for this to happen. However, this is the first of two unblogged makes that has been waiting to be shown off online – both have seen a good few wears already, though! I’m actually made up to be part of the sewing-faster-than-I’m-blogging club.

I was rather excited when Sew magazine had this make in one hour top pattern included with their magazine – exactly what I had wanted for this fabric. Although, I think I’m just an incredibly slow sewer as it took me about 4 hours over a few days to make… Or maybe it’s because I’m generally catching up with Elaine Page on a Sunday at the same time and all those show tunes can be rather distracting!

I decided to not make any of the facings and instead make my own bias binding from the same fabric. This is the first time I’ve done this and I’m so happy I did – as its a light fabric, big facings would have just got in the way. My new edge stitching foot doesn’t half make sewing neat lines so much easier too – such a worthwhile purchase!

I’m really happy with this and I’m definitely going to make it again – maybe next time I can aim for that one hour top!

PS. Meet my new friend, the flamingo (name pending) – the new resident at my parents!


2 thoughts on “Elephants and Flamingos – New Look K6483

  1. Love the cute fabric, perfect for this simple top. I think they’re a bit ambitious when they call them one hour tops. Maybe once everything’s cut out, but it’s better to be a bit slower, and get your lovely neat finish. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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