A Dress Comes to Pemberley: Simplicity 6155

Just in time for summer and sitting in the garden, I finished my daisy print dress. It has already had it’s fair share of being worn and going through the wash! (Does anyone else have that breath of relief when a handmade garment comes out of the wash for its first time unscathed? I don’t know why but I always have images of them coming out torn to shreds!)

This is the dress I wore to the Blog Meet so you may have seen it on my photos from then but I couldn’t resist getting a few snapshots at Lyme Park when we visited last week.

I have decided chambray is my new favourite thing and I want to makes lots of chambray dresses and tops, it’s so pretty. Easy to sew with and iron but the only thing was it was difficult to unpick without leaving marks.

I really liked the 1970’s pattern I used too but I’m not sure if I would use it again. I have a massive gripe with the bottom of the button band, I don’t know if I can write down in words but I’m sure you can see it doesn’t sit properly and creates almost the look of a pleat in the front when I’m wearing it. I spent so long unpicking/stitching and this is the best it was going to be. Humph!

Overall, I’m very happy with this and I think it’s going to be a well worn dress!

I can’t resist one last photo… Such a beautiful place, I can highly recommend taking a trip to Pemberley Lyme Hall 😉

Ps. A Death Comes To Pemberley / A Dress Comes To Pemberley… Get it?! Full credit to Sam for that!


2 thoughts on “A Dress Comes to Pemberley: Simplicity 6155

  1. I did get it – well done Sam! You look lovely in your dress. I too half expect my handmade clothes to come out of the washing machine in separate pieces! So far they never have so I should really stop worrying about it!


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