Me Made May: Week Two 

This week I have definitely realised some wardrobe gaps in my me made wardrobe, which I knew would happen as I don’t have the most extensive collection of handmade clothes. I really want to make some casual, comfy and plain tops to wear around the house so hopefully I will get around to that soon. (Be warned: There’s a couple of rubbish selfies coming up but a dashing snapshot of my husband)

Kitchen selfie!

I have had a sorting week around the house, which is why I was thinking about making some plain, comfy tops. So in my search for something I may have made that would fit the bill, I found this top which I had forgotten about. As you can see, the reason I don’t wear it is that I had a big button mishap with this shirt, I don’t why but I made the buttonholes way too far in so it looks odd but I figured there’s no reason I can’t wear it at home.

Then last night we went out with my sisters and their other halves, we were going to be spending the evening outside so I wore my Butterick B6143 jacket. Whilst Sam wore this Sewing Bee Men’s Shirt that I made him. I’m including Sam wearing his shirt as one of my three for this week, hope that’s not cheating!

Yesterday, I also started on the third part of my Me Made Challenge, which is to make a dress for the Big Simplicity Meet. To do: Some top stitching, sleeves, buttons/buttonholes and the hem left to do so I best get sewing!


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