Me Made May: Week 1

Hello all! I am back from a lovely 10 days in Northern Ireland, it is so beautiful – expect a photo update shortly. Me Made May began while I was away and I didn’t let being on holiday stop me from joining in. I took a selection of my handmade clothes away with me so that I could fulfill two parts of my threefold challenge: Taking Me Made clothing on holiday for the first time and wearing three items of Me Made a week.

So here is an update of what I wore…

My latest blouse, 1940’s Simplicity 1590, got two outings. This blouse really has become my go to for a dressed up look with my favourite RTW M&S jeans and Guess boots. Add a cardi for day time or leather jacket for evening – it’s just so easy! Expect it show up a few times over May…

For one dinner out I went for a double whammy and wore two Me Mades. I made this New Look K6035 skirt in a day over the Christmas holiday, fast sewing isn’t usually my thing and I feel like that shows every time I wear this skirt so it doesn’t often get out. Ideally I would prefer it a little longer and wider!
I love getting out in this Butterick B6143 jacket, I am still chuffed that I sewed myself a coat. We were very lucky to have mainly nice weather while I was away but I did manage to wear it twice. I love how glam it makes me feel and as I lined it with faux fur it’s just so cosy, I wear it whenever I can!

Then lastly, as much as it wasn’t coat whether it wasn’t really hat weather but a trip to the Giants Causeway called for wrapping up so out came my Fluffy Russian Hat. Another Me Made to get a lot of wear over the last winter, I’m definitely going to have to remake this in a few colours.

So I think that adds up to a total of four Me Mades worn a total of six times so I’m pleased to have already exceeded my weekly target! Whether it will be as easy in every day life we will see…


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