When Colour Runs

I bought this vintage fabric and it’s been sat begging to be turned into some retro flared summer trousers. I thought I would make a pair using my tried and tested Simplicity 7087 pattern, like my Retro Tweed Flares 


Off for a pre-wash it went…
Sob, I have spent all morning trying to fit my pattern pieces around the leaks of colour but despite there only being 3 pattern pieces and over 4 metres of fabric, it can’t be done. 


I don’t suppose anyone has tips to remove the colour that’s ran or to stop it from happening again? I have washed it a second time but it didn’t help. I guess it will go down as just one of those things…

Happy Saturday all! 


4 thoughts on “When Colour Runs

  1. I try and use colour run sheets when washing unknown fabrics, just in case. Having said that, I’ve on recently started pre washing fabrics before sewing – generally use a 30′ wash.

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    1. Good idea, I must look out for some colour sheets next time I’m in the supermarket – thanks for the tip! I’m very glad I pre washed this before sewing πŸ™ˆ


  2. This is something I’d never consider if I bought vintage fabric. It’s good you shared your story. It’ll make us consider the laundering needs of the fabric. Since some vintage fabrics can go way back the seller might not always know the recommended care either. If you had laundered a small piece of the fabric do you think you’d be able to tell the extent of how the color ran? Like if you’d used a 6″x6″ piece?


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