From Snowboarding to BBQ’ing

Trainee Housewife is expanding! I have set up a Twitter account which you can now follow @TraineeHWblog – I promise not to spam you with tweets but hopefully share things of interest. I thought it would be a great place for some sewing conversation too. 


I am very sore today from a full day of snowboarding lessons yesterday so no sewing has been happening for me this weekend. I’ve also ordered a collection of new feet for my sewing machine which I’m waiting on in the post. My latest make, the Simplicity 1590, is only missing buttonholes and buttons now but I’m awaiting my new buttonhole foot along with the others! 


I have done some baking though which I will blog later in the week and Sam & I enjoyed our first BBQ of the year! Sam made a new BBQ’ing stool from a vintage bike frame, doesn’t it look fab?! He’s always doing something clever and inventive! He also made a table from this log he saved from being burnt at work. I’d like to think our BBQ set up looks quite hipster haha…


Well, here’s to another week! Have a good week all x 


7 thoughts on “From Snowboarding to BBQ’ing

    1. Thank you! I didn’t know he had planned on making it and was very impressed when he whipped it out from his workshop! It was a vintage frame that was gathering dust so it’s nice to see it put to good use too πŸ™‚

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