Percy the Cat’s Favourite Upcycle

I love putting things to good use that may have otherwise been thrown away. After carpeting the landing and the spare bedroom we had some small carpet scraps left which were too small for carpeting but big enough to make us think surely these can be used for something.

Well, here is our finished cat scratching post for Percy. We used some wood that Sam had lying around in his workshop, carpeted the 3 different pieces and then screwed them together. We attached the carpet with screws but a staple gun may have worked. 

I don’t think I’ve seen a scratch post for less than Β£20-30 in the shops so not only did we save some cash but we saved some space in the wheelie bin! 

This has been one of Percy’s favourite things all year and still is, it has been well scratched and sat on – yet is still proving to be strong! 


I’m off to find something else to recycle before it goes in the bin…. Have a good weekend all πŸ™‚ 


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