Handmade Baby Shoes: Simplicity 2867

Hello all, I hope your weeks are going well with lots of sewing or at least plans of sewing. My week didn’t start as planned, with a trip to A&E but I’ve made it to the end of the week and I’m still in one piece. I’ve also fit in some sewing so it can’t be that bad really!

I had a baby shower a couple of weeks ago and wanted to make something special, plus I’ve never made anything for anyone much smaller than me – never mind a baby so I took the challenge! That part didn’t end up being the challenge though…

I also took on the challenge of embroidery, which was totally new to me. I think this was probably a good place to start though as I think people who can embroider would see it as quite a simple pattern. 

I made a couple of changes to the pattern… I chose to use eyelets rather than embroider around the hole for the ‘shoelaces’ as it seemed it would be a lot sturdier and I think it looks quite smart. Also, instead of making a chain out of threads to use as a shoelace  I used some lace. I thought this added a lovely, girly twist!

I had to include this photo taken on my mums chest of drawers, I just love her vintage tin and the dried hydrangeas!

What do you think? They’re so tiny! I hope you’re all having a good week.

A bit of a fuzzy photo, sorry!

Ps. I now want to sew lazy daisy stitches on everything!


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