1970’s Fashion Inspiration

Why hello there, fellow bloggers! I thought I’d lost you there as we had another dip in the Internet again but it all seems to be fixed now so hopefully I’m back for good and will be back to regular blogging again. So I’m just popping in for a quick post…


I am currently enjoying a subscription to Vintage Life magazine, it’s full of vintage charm and treasures. A perfect read for any other vintage lovers. They recently posted a link on Facebook to a collection of photos of 1970’s fashion, which you can see on Design You Trust – here.

These photos really inspired me, especially when making my skirt suit (which you can see in my last post!) so I thought I’d share some of my favourites. There are so many wonderful two piece suits and ladies with matching outfits. All the things that would have made me gag as a young ‘noughties’ teenager but for some reason now I adore and wish I could fill my wardrobe with!


 I hope you find some inspiration in these photos too. Georgia x 






5 thoughts on “1970’s Fashion Inspiration

  1. I like the trouser shape – looks rather neat and flattering. More though! I’ve just realised that I am making that longer skirt at the moment. I made my own pattern and it’s gone through a lot of incarnations but it will be appearing in Welsh wool soon. I am amazed!


  2. Oh thank you for sharing these. The first photo has the model who was my fashion icon when I was 12 years old. Her name is Colleen Corby. She was the “IT” girl for my generation as far as I was concerned. Those bias cut plaid mini-skirts were so great. The plaids had so many interesting color combos that looked great with dark rib knit sweaters and tights.

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