Project Pyjamas: Vintage St Michaels Pyjamas

I have internet and I’m back! Phew, that felt so long. It’s been a busy time since my last post but the most exciting thing has to be that Sam and I went for a snowboarding taster session. So much fun! I have, of course, been sewing too. 

My latest project is rather different to anything I’ve ever done before. I picked up this amazing pair of vintage mens St Michael’s pyjamas and fell in love with the fabric. I knew I wanted something for myself in that fabric! It’s so fabulous – fabric like this shouldn’t be hidden away visiting only your bedroom, it needs to be unleashed into something new that could be worn out and appreciated by everyone!

I reckon if a pair of pyjamas has lasted all these years, approximately 40 years, they’ve been well looked after. So after a really good wash, I had no qualms about turning them into something I could wear.

So project pyjama switch up, proof that nothing is past it, is underway! I’m hoping to finish it soon so that I can get wearing it out and show you some finished photos. But for now, I’m going to leave what I’m making as a surprise šŸ˜‰ 

Have a good weekend all! 


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