The Joy of Pom Poms

I have recently discovered the therapeutic fun of making pom poms. Easy to make, super fast and they use up any left over wool you may have. The only difficult thing was deciding what to do with them! I decided to make a garland for my sewing/dressing room with them. 


After making the pom poms, it was really easy to turn them into a garland. It just required a big needle to string some wool through and then it was just a case of sewing through the middle of each Pom Pom. At each end I tied a loop so I could hang it up. 


I found these dove ornaments in the Asda sale for 30p each and they were the perfect finishing touch.  The green vase you can just about see is a vintage treasure I picked up at a flea market, I can’t decide whether to keep it or put it on my etsy shop. For now, it’s sitting pretty on my windowsill! 


Well, I’m off and hopefully it won’t be long until I return. We are having awful internet trouble at the minute and it spends most of its time not working. This has been a rare evening for a long time that I’ve been able to use the internet! 

Have a great week all x 


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