First Dress of 2016 – Simplicity 7600

At last my first dress of the year finished! I used this pattern from the 1960’s, when I pulled it out the pattern had been cut out by its previous owner and had been written on as 1967 – I love the thought that there was someone in the 60’s walking around in the same dress as me.

The pattern is a size ’12 and a half’ and for a height of 5’3″ so as I’m 5’7″ I was worried it would be far too short. Well, it was so long I had to take 15 cm of the length! It really wasn’t the length of the mini dress pictured, more of a hospital gown. 

This patterned fabric cost me a grand total of £3.50 for 2 metres from the fabric by weight in Abakhan during the sale. One of my African friends from church complimented me on the fabric, she said it looked like the sort of fabric she would use when she makes traditional African clothing. I was so made up, I felt really cool for the rest of the day after that! 

I was hoping that someone might be able to offer me some ironing tips for tricky fabrics. I pressed, pressed, and pressed this dress before these photos… Yet I feel like it still looks creased in them. Hmmm maybe it’s my fabric choice or is there something I can do stop it from re-creasing?

Ooh just one last thing to mention, this is the first pattern I ever made a dart adjustment to. I made the back darts deeper because there was quite a bit of excess fabric in the back but I think I should have made it deeper than I did at the top of the dart so next time I will do. 

I’m off to plan my next project, yay! 


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