New Year; New Sewing

Evening fellow bloggers! How is everyone? Is everyone getting on with lots of crafty projects? 

I have started a few things and so far only finished one, I need to get in some more sewing days! After making my sewing organiser from the Cath Kidston Sew project book, I realised some much needed bias binding practice was in order. I picked this beautiful 1960’s sewing pattern that requires bias binding and then went off to Abakhan to be inspired by fabric. 


I took my sisters for their first trip to Abakhan at the same time. They came back loaded with wool, crochet hooks and knitting needles and this was my mini haul. (I had a real dark green theme going on, clearly!)


I found a brilliant couple of tutorials by Fashion Sewing Blog TV on YouTube for sewing bias binding and they helped me so much. I’ve only sewn it to the sleeves so far but it’s a vast improvement from my poor attempt the other week. It makes me excited to finish the dress and get wearing it! I’ve still got a few bits left to do but hopefully it won’t take long. 

In the meantime, I have made this sewing tidy from the Sew book. I can keep my sewing machine stood on it and it has handy pockets to keep my scissors&bits while I sew. I like organised and I like pretty, yay. 


Well, talk soon and have a lovely week – hopefully one full of sewing and other fun things! 


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