Happy New Year: Christmas Sewing

Happy new year! This Christmas season has flown by and I’m putting off thoughts of work tomorrow by reminiscing on the lovely times we’ve had.  We’ve been blessed to spent lots of time with our families and ended our week off with an amazing meal at Jamie’s Italian just the two of us. Considering we’re such Jamie Oliver fans I don’t know how it’s taken us so long to get there.


I was lucky to receive some lovely gifts from Sammy including some sewing bits which I look forward to putting to good use! I did manage to squeeze in some sewing though and use my new Cath Kidston sewing book to make this pocket sewing kit. It looks simple but I’ve never sewn with bias binding before so found it quite tricky. Added to my sewing resolution list, sew clothes with bias binding – check. 

I also have in mind that I want to build my every day me made wardrobe, thinking particularly how I’d like to be able to join in Me Made May. So I hope to make some separates that will work well for both work and social. I whipped this skirt up using a pattern I got in Sew magazine using this tweed fabric I’ve had in my stash ever since my stash began. 

You can tell it was a quick sew and if I get round to it, I may redo the waistband. As I was thinking about the things I’ve done wrong on the skirt, it struck me that considering this fabric has stayed sat for nearly two years with just an admiring glance every now and then that it was just nice to be able to wear it at last.


Well, here’s to the next year of sewing and the first day back at work tomorrow (sigh…). Have a great week! 


13 thoughts on “Happy New Year: Christmas Sewing

    1. Thanks Emily! This was 2 years ago and unfortunately I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve worn it! Maybe I will have to think of a way to recycle it into something else πŸ€”

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