Christmas Party Dress: Tartan Lilou Dress

Good afternoon all! I’ve had a Christmas sewing Saturday, actually both things I made were for my sisters but I will update you on them on a later post. I’ve come to a stop for the day though so I thought I would share the finished photos of my Christmas party dress. 

I’ve wanted to make the Lilou dress from Love at First Stitch for a while, when I look at it I see ballerina dress – it’s so pretty. It’s the first time I made a lined dress and also the first thing I ever made with pleats, the instructions in Love at First Stitch make everything seem really simplistic and they really help you get your head around things. It was a really simple dress to make and there’s only 4 pattern pieces which is nice. 

I did make a fatal error with the lining though – by making the lining out of the same black fabric as the top with black thread it meant it was very hard to know what was going on at times! When it was inside out and I was sewing the lining to the main body I didn’t know where I was at, which meant I was constantly having to double check myself. I did get there eventually though, just now I know how difficult it made life I won’t do it again! 

One of my favourite things about this dress is that I was able to give this drab, vintage skirt a new lease of life in the form of a dress. Proof that no piece of clothing is past it! 

I’ve just checked the time and it’s nearly time for the Strictly final to start! Sam and I are off to his family ‘s house to watch it so I best dash. Have a lovely evening all! 

PS – These photos were taken the night before the photo when I was deciding what jewellery, shoes, jacket to wear – I’m not the only one who does a try on before the day am I? 

PPS – I’m only telling you this so that I can excuse my makeup-less face! 


4 thoughts on “Christmas Party Dress: Tartan Lilou Dress

  1. Looks really good and great up cycling too! I haven’t made anything at all for Christmas (apart from presents and a pair of curtains!) I’m not sure if you know that I freelance edit a sewing magazine, which is just getting off the ground. I wondered if you wanted to take part in feature reviewing an online sewing course. If you do drop me an email at, It would give us an excuse to meet up too! Have a fantastic Christmas! x


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