Christmas Party Dress: In The Making

What better opportunity to get dressmaking than the work Christmas party?! Which is exactly what I did! I knew I wanted to make the Lilou dress from Tilly and the Button’s Love at First Stitch but didn’t have a clue what to make it in. I had problems with the original fabric I had bought when it was pre-washed and I wasn’t feeling inspired when I saw any fabric. 

Eventually, I remembered this vintage skirt I had picked up ages ago which was many sizes too big for me – I had loved the fabric though so had bought it with the intention of making it smaller. And shorter! (Sam said it looked like a librarian skirt) I decided to make the top of the dress in a plain black fabric which I showed you the beginnings of the other week. 


I knew I had two choices with the skirt, either just alter it to be smaller or unpick it and use that to cut my new pattern pieces from. The skirt had pleats in and the pattern skirt required pleats but I had never sewn them before so I decided to unpick the skirt and start from scratch so I could have a go of sewing them myself. 

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and the party was this afternoon so it’s had its first big outing so I’ll come back and show you the finished photos.

On another note, how are all your Christmas plans coming along? Anyone doing some made last minute Christmas sewing? I know I am! Tomorrow is a big fat Christmas sewing day for me with hopefully some Christmas wrapping dotted around too. Have a good weekend all! 


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