Home Baked Bread – The Cheat’s Way! 

The smell of freshly baked bread is one of the best things to walk into after a long day at work or Christmas shopping, especially when it’s cold outside. Sam and I love setting up our bread machine to make loaves and bread rolls. It’s just so easy, whack everything in and set it to the right setting. 

On a recent trip to North Wales, we were in a little artisan food shop and found this tomato and garlic bread flour. We saved it to have as the starter of the three course meal we cooked for our wedding anniversary. Oh gosh, it was delicious and very moorish. We have just enough left for another loaf, I can’t wait. 

Well, we seem to be having slow internet problems in our house tonight and it isn’t loading my wordpress reader properly so I’m not able to have a good blog read unfortunately. So much for fibre optic, hey! Hopefully it will speed up by tomorrow evening so that I can have a catch up read. 

Hope you’re all having a good night!

PS. This was our three course meal, I wish we could eat (and drink!) it all again



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