Handmade Coat – Butterick B6143

Well, here it is! The latest edition to my me-made wardrobe is this, my new winter jacket. I have spent a good few hours working on this over the last few weeks so it feels great to be able to put on the finished product at last.

This project all came about when I made my Russian hat. As I had so much faux fur left I wanted to incorporate it in a jacket to match my hat. Luckily I was going on a trip to Abakhan where I found this lovely wool fabric and this pattern. I When cutting out my pattern pieces I cut the collar and the lining pieces from the fur but I cut the under collar and facings from the wool. I then added these fur cuffs just to finish it off – I may write a small tutorial on this as it wasn’t actually part of the pattern.

So is now a good time to tell you that… 1) I never made a muslin. I really don’t think I will ever have the patience for making muslins! Wearable toile and all that, hey?! 2) Before making this jacket I had never fitted a lining before. When I was telling a sewing colleague at work this they seemed to think I was being ambitious which made me nervous. Anyway, it all went very smoothly first time – I’d like to think this was down to skill not luck!

I didn’t expect it to be so full-skirted, I thought the fur would take away from the drape in it but it really hasn’t so this was a very nice surprise. Just look how much it flares out! It’s like a dress in a jacket. I measured how long the hem is and it’s just over 3 metres!

I think this is definitely a special occasions jacket and as it is mine and Sam’s second wedding anniversary on Monday I am sure I will get plenty of wear this weekend – cue a trip to the theatre, yay!

I would love to know what you think of my jacket and what you’re making at the minute, have a lovely weekend all!



Work in progress photos…

The lining and facings… (I didn’t make the sleeve linings in fur)


12 thoughts on “Handmade Coat – Butterick B6143

      1. I think I will be going simple too! I’m thinking maybe the Liliou dress from Tilly & the Buttons, I haven’t made that before and it looks like it has some good instructions for fitting the lining πŸ™‚

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      2. This will be my first lined one – that’s why I need the instructions haha 😊 ooh they sound lovely, I haven’t heard of the dottie Angel dress before but it sounds pretty πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see!

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