Chicken and Garlic Bread Kebabs and Sewing Buttons

I am nearly, nearly, nearly finished my jacket and I can’t wait to show you all. I’ve just got to sew on the buttons and I want to sew on some fur cuffs. After an action-packed evening watching Spectre (action-packed for James Bond not me) last night, I’m enjoying chilling out with my sewing machine and Jamie Cullum on the radio.

I thought I’d take a break to share with you this Jamie Oliver dish that we made the other week, Chicken and Garlic Bread Kebabs from his latest Superfood programme. They were so easy to make and would be perfect to make if you had people coming over or wanted a tasty, substantial lunch. We had ours as part of our main evening meal with sweet potato and a generous serving of spinach – just perfect! We also swapped the feta in the recipe to mozzarella, yum.

Is serving it on a bamboo chopping board hipster enough? I hasten to add that it was swiftly moved to a normal plate after the photo!

Back to sewing, I had a go of covering buttons for the first time and that was also super easy. I bought these nifty buttons for about £3 from Hobbycraft and they took just minutes to cover. I think they look rather smart and can’t wait to get them sewn on to my jacket! Admittedly that probably won’t be tonight – I don’t know what it is but I get so nervous when sewing buttonholes and buttons so it takes me ages! If anyone has any tips on perfecting buttonholes they would be greatly appreciated.

Right, back to the sewing table I go! I’m currently being taunted by the lovely smell of a chicken casserole in the slow cooker waiting for Sam to get home from work. Mmm….


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