Retro Tweed Flares – 7087 Simplicity

The other day I dug these wool, tweed bell-bottoms out of my me made wardrobe and realised I never put them on my blog. I made them a few months ago but I’ve been waiting for the weather to get colder to get some proper wear out of them. I used this retro pattern which you really have squint at and use your imagination to picture anything good coming from – it is probably quite daring for me going for such a wide leg but I ended up loving them! They are just perfect for work with a black shirt and black heeled ankle boots. So surprisingly this pattern is on my remake list!

When I made these I was immensely proud as I made them in a day, including cutting out the pattern and fabric pieces. I think it’s given me the confidence to know that I can sew and I can attempt making a wardrobe of me made items that I’ll wear regularly. Also, I don’t want to boast but look at the pattern matching!

So now the cold weather is coming in, I’m looking forward to getting a lot of wear out of these! Another note my jacket is coming together rather nicely. The main jacket is made, I’m just construction the lining now.

Well, currently I can hear lots of pops and bangs going off outside and I can’t wait for our own firework night tomorrow. Hope you’re all enjoying the fireworks too. (Keep those cats and dogs in!)

PS. Who recognises the tweed fabric from my lampshade and footstool projects… I’ve got just enough left for some matching cushions and all for a grand total of £2 from the charity shop, wow!


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