My First Beef Burger

Somehow I managed to wander through life never trying a burger, not that people haven’t tried to convince me to ‘just have a bite’. It was a source of great entertainment at family BBQ’s when I was a child, that my two sisters and I would happily eat a plain bun and nothing else – our poor parents!

Sam and I got this funky burger making contraption, Stufz, and I figured that as I could see everything going in to it I would give it a go and it wasn’t a disappointment!

You fill half of the burger maker with your mince and then choose your filling before topping it with the other half of the mince and pressing it together. I went for a cheddar cheese filling, Sam went for a Stilton.

Paired with sweet potato and a side salad this made a great dinner. I’m looking forward to using the Stufz again and mixing things up with the fillings as well as using different sorts of mince meat. I’m thinking chicken with a cheese and bacon filling or beef mince again with a salsa and pepper filling.

Looking forward to filling you in on my jacket, it’s slowly taking shape!


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