Scissor Saturday

Today I had a sewing Saturday, that involved only scissors. I always find it surprising that in reality when sewing, there is a lot of time not spent at the sewing machine. I have been cutting out the pieces for my next project, the Butterick B6143 – I am making the jacket which is in green on the cover of the pattern. I really underestimated how much cutting out there would be so I’m enjoying a nice sit down now!

I love the look of this wool fabric with the fur, it makes me feel cosy and warm just looking at it. I am using the fur for the collar and to line the main body. I am then using this spotty fabric to line the sleeves, to match the lining of the woolly hat I made. I’m not sure if sewing the lining in two different fabrics is something that will make other sewers cringe but these fabrics sewed really well together for my hat.

So now I have this big pile of fabric ready to be turned into something wonderful. They will have to wait for now as I am off to take my latest fabulous frock out for a spin! Hope you’re all enjoying your weekends.


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