Fluffy Russian Hat

I mentioned in my post Hats, hats, hats! The other week about my plans to make my first hat, which is exactly what I did. I used the book The Modern Girl’s Guide to Hatmaking by Mary Jane Baxter and it’s just wonderful. It’s jam packed with hints, tips, pretty pictures and tutorials.

All you need is fur, fabric for lining and to make your pattern. I got this thick, grey fur from Textile Express Fabrics for only Β£8 a metre. The pattern suggests you need half a metre but I didn’t even use a quarter, as it happens I bought a metre so I have lots left in my stash. I do have a project coming up which it will work perfectly for, though.

I didn’t have a compass to make the top of my hat so had to find a bowl the perfect size for my head to draw around. When I asked Sam if he had a compass he asked me where I wanted to go and looked totally baffled at the thought of me trying to navigate myself with a compass so yeah… We don’t do maths in our house. (You’ve probably noticed that the circles of fabric are too small, I did this wrong and remade them bigger)

So this is the finished product! A comfy and warm furry hat just in time for the cold weather. Is it bad that I’m actually looking forward to it getting colder so that I can wear this? It only took a total of 2 hours to make – including the pattern! Now that I have my pattern made I will definitely be making it again in other colours. Now to get on with my next winter sewing project… Did I mention that I love sewing?!




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