Abakhan Fabric Trip

Evening all, I’m currently like an 11 year old child sulking on a Sunday evening knowing that school is tomorrow. After a lovely week off work, celebrating my birthday and a weekend away in North Wales, I would like to stay on holiday a little while longer… Please?

This weekend included my first ever trip to Abakhan in North Wales, which is amazing by the way. My husband is such a goodun, he took me for a second trip because I loved it so much and was actually a great help (que handbag holding while I rummaged) – Sam actually has a creative eye too so it’s good to get a second opinion.

They have a great section where you pay for the fabric by weight and it works out really great value. They also just have so much choice, so so so much choice. It would be so easy to go mad and just buy every pretty fabric and pattern that catches your eye so I tried to be sensible and just buy what I needed for my next two projects. By being sensible it also means that I have to plan my next trip sooner…. Heads up, Sam.

Here’s my mini haul from Abakhan and now I’m all set to make a winter jacket and a Christmas party dress. I just need to get some shoulder pads, if anyone could point me in the direction to some?

What sewing plans have you got for winter?


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