Sewing Bee Men’s Shirt

Here is my latest, finished sewing project. Another make from the Sewing Bee book, I made the men’s shirt. I have made this once before and, I tell you what, I loved comparing my sewing from this year to last! I really worked hard to fix every mistake, learn from last times mishaps and most of all… Pattern match!

Rather than doing a mix of two fabrics like the book suggests, I stuck to the one. A check shirt is a classic for Sam and I thought the tweed check in this fabric was rather unique.

This wasn’t a one day make but rather a two and a half day make over a few weeks but rather than losing patience, I really enjoyed the process of trying my best to perfect it. So there you go, if I haven’t learnt anything else from sewing at least I can say I’m slightly more patient now!

I haven’t got any other garment sewing projects in the pipeline now I’ve finished this, time to rifle through my pattern and fabric stash to see what inspires me!



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