Annndd… Relax

11 days since my last post! A whirlwind of events has happened since then but to keep it short and just tell you about the biggest thing to happen… One of my sisters got married! It was such a wonderful day with both receptions being held at my parents house so there were lots for a bridesmaid and best man (Sam and I) to help with. Everyone’s hard work paid off though and it has to be one of the best weddings to happen, a very blessed day. I will have to put up some photos sometime as everything about it was gorgeous. 

Wedding gushing aside, I thought I would show you the beginnings of my latest project. Today I spent the afternoon relaxing with my mum (how come only the bride and groom get a holiday after the big day?). A little while ago, Sam turned an old cable drum into a coffee table and we’ve had this smaller matching one waiting to be turned into a footstool. I still need to wax the wooden frame before it’s finished but I have enjoyed product testing it this evening! Results are in and I can assure you it’s comfy.

if you like it, check back for my next post so you can see it finished. I’ll show you how I made it too so you can give it a go yourself. 

Best dash, I have TWO episodes of the bake off to catch up on! 


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