Cottage Staircase Transformation 

Good old Timehop reminded me of this time a year ago when we were enjoying a sunny summer (say what?!) and spent a week after our summer holiday doing DIY around the house and garden, including transforming our staircase from drab, dull, cord carpet to stylish, vintage wallpaper and paint.

Green was the theme for the cottage when we first moved in; with window frames, walls and the staircase all in the same shade. Although most of the green was removed as soon as possible, I really like it in small amounts and wanted to make a feature of the green staircase. The stairs are in the kitchen so we have matched it since with some kitchen lights and a picture in the same colour which l really love!

We found the wallpaper in the loft when we first moved in, it’s from the 60’s/70’s. I think you can tell it was bought to match this shade of green, they compliment each other perfectly. We took a sample of the paper to B&Q and got a cream paint made in the paint centre to match the background.

It was a funny business which had to be done over a few days. Firstly, the wallpaper was cut and pasted to the back of each stair which then had to be left to dry. We next painted every other step so that we could still get upstairs and downstairs and tried to keep Percy away from them! Then it was just a case of painting the alternate steps, painting second coats and covering it all in varnish.

This has brightened up our room so much and looks great. I’m so happy we did this. I think I might sand back the paint and give it another lick of paint and varnish sometime soon to keep it looking fresh.

 What do you think? Have you done any decorating recently?

By the way, last year I had a really annoying phone case that shaded half of my photos so apologies for the poor picture quality! 


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