Hen Party Dress – Sewing Bee Shift Dress

You may have seen my previous post about the making of this dress and here is the finished product! This is the Shift Dress from the Sewing Bee book that came out after the second series. There’s some great projects in this book but I find the instructions aren’t very clear at times. 


I love the shape of this dress, it’s very feminine. I really liked the fabric too, they had it in a grey polka dot too so I’m thinking work dress?!

I would say this isn’t really easy but it’s not really hard to make either. There were a few challenges along the way, the main one being the facings as I mentioned in a previous post. Although I think this was my fabric choice in the end.

It was totally worth the time sorting out the facings though as it was for part one of my sister Jessica’s hen parties. She’s a lucky girl and is having two! The first was Friday night and was a bridesmaid trip (-1 of us!) for a murder mystery evening at a hotel. So much fun, I’m already looking out for another.

 I’m looking forward to another excuse to wear this dress, I think it’s my favourite dress to date in my me-made wardrobe. Oh and yes, that silver plaque does mean that we were the winners! 

What do you think? 

PS. This wall in my mums dining room is one of my favourites ever, great for photos! 


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