Vintage Caravanning

I’m back! Not that you probably knew I was away but here I am back from a lovely week caravanning in Normandy with Sam. I thought I would pop up a quick post to share some photos and spread the news that I haven’t deserted The Trainee Housewife, I was just busy sunbathing hehe.

Here’s a little look into our vintage Cotswold Windrush 112 caravan which I was lucky enough to have been given from my parents. It’s all so lovely and it’s the perfect dwelling for a peaceful, relaxing holiday.


The only problem with summer holidays is that they are over too soon! Although I am looking forward to getting stuck into my next sewing project and obviously with GBBO back on I’m sure I will find myself inspired to bake some more.  I hope everyone else is having a good summer too!


9 thoughts on “Vintage Caravanning

  1. Love the photos of the caravan. It’s a great van and I’m sure you’ll have lots more wonderful holidays in it. Love you both xxx


  2. Hi, your caravan looks lovely.we have just bought the same caravan off my daughter,where did you get your candle holders from ?I am going to start tidying ours up,but it’s in fab condition.thank you


    1. How lovely, I’m sure you’ll have great fun doing it up! The lanterns are from ikea – they always have a great range in. Thank you for commenting, I hope you have a good time doing it up. Georgia 🙂


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