Australian Lamingtons Without The Coconut

My sister Jess got me this great recipe book at Christmas full of vintage cakes and other bakes. It’s got some great recipes, including a jammy dodger recipe that I’m dying to try out. I’ve been waiting for the perfect excuse to get it out and pick a recipe to bake and what better excuse than having Jess and a friend over for a sewing morning on Saturday.

I was looking for a simple bake that wouldn’t take too long. I chose these Lamingtons, cake cubes dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut flakes usually but I swapped the coconut for sprinkles.

I learnt an important lesson when I made these… Beating sugar and butter is hard! Really hard!

This actually took me quite long as there are lots of stages to it: Making the cake batter, waiting for it bake, waiting for it to cool, making the chocolate icing, cutting it in cubes, dipping it in the chocolate, rolling it into sprinkles and then finally waiting for them to set for the big taste test.

They were worth the wait though, the cake was lovely and fluffy so they weren’t too stodgy to eat even with all the sprinkles!

Look how colourful they made my kitchen! Has anyone else been baking recently?

Baking outtakes… Look who took the cake out of the tin before it cooled! Thankfully I had two cake tins of cake so I had a backup, phew!



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