1920’s Standard Lamp Revamp

I picked up this gorgeous 1920’s standard lamp from a flea market the other week. You can just imagine that this pink shade looked wonderful in a grand home once upon a time but I thought it was a bit garish.   So operation revamp lamp shade began…

Cath Kidston have a great video on making a lamp shade and also sell the kits for doing it, which you can see here. You don’t need a lamp shade to make one, the kit includes the lamp shade ‘hoops’ which provide the structure, double sided sticky tape and what seems like sticky back plastic.

As I was using a shade I already had I decided not to buy a kit and to take the old shade apart so I could use the old hoops. I then bought the other bits from the supermarket.

Unless you have super steady hands like the lady in the video (she must have practised this lots!) I think it is definitely a two person job. Queue Sam being roped in to help.

After making this without a kit I would definitely recommend getting the kit instead of putting your own bits together. Sticky back plastic just wasn’t thick enough, we did two layers of it but it still isn’t quite as thick as I would have wanted.

The lilac fabric matches the sofas perfectly and is from Lynette Anderson Designs . The tweed fabric is vintage and left over from some trousers I just made, there’s enough left to make some cushions so I’m going to make some to match the shade. Although that really makes me feel like a World War Two housewife or something… Using the same piece of fabric for trousers, cushions and a lamp shade! What do you think?



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