My Nautical Style Delphine Skirt

imageI’ve been sewing clothes for a year now and when I first began I was lucky to get my hands on a bulk lot of fabric, I still have half of it in my stash. As it was all so cheap I haven’t been worried about making mistakes and I’ve just got stuck in which has helped me learn. I bought Tilly and the Buttons book Love at First Stitch and worked through each pattern, this is great for beginners! She takes you from a sewer who knows nothing to a sewer who has a reasonable sized wardrobe of me made clothes. The first chapter is a simple scarf and the last is a glamorous dress! My only thing is I have been sewing purely to learn not to necessarily wear the end product. Although I always chose fabric that I liked and complimented the pattern, I never stopped to ask myself if I was going to wear it after. What happened was a wardrobe of clothes made by me that I don’t really wear because they’re not my style. I spotted a blue and white stripe top when I was shopping a few weeks ago and finally had the inspiration to make something just because, not to learn. I remembered some red, thick, jersey I had which would look great as a skirt to match my new top.   I used the Delphine Skirt pattern from Love At First Stitch as I really loved the fit and style of the first one I had made. I really surprised myself by making it in a day without rushing it and by how much I loved it. This has been outside my wardrobe several times now and after this hot weather will be out again. The style is so classic, I will definitely be making it again too! The first time I wore this I could tell there was something missing, it was just a little too plain. My mum gave me these fantastic red buttons that just finish it off! They complete it ❤ haha What do you think? Have a great week!    

Before the buttons


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