Hi there and welcome to my new blog, if you haven’t guessed, I am Georgia. I am a twenty-something who is blissfully married to Sam, we live in our little cottage with our little cat, Percy.

Between cuddling Percy and working part time, I attempt to live the life of a housewife. This will no doubt send other girls my age reeling, we’re the decade brought up on Friends and if there’s anything Rachel, Pheobe and Monica taught us it’s to be independent career-focused women who don’t rely on men! On second thought, I guess Pheobe wasn’t career focused…ย image

Anyway, I’m here to show that you can be every bit the independent woman, have a great job and enjoy attempting to live a vintage lifestyle at the same time! (Don’t get me wrong though I do depend on Sam and he depends on me, ย that’s one of the things I love about marriage!)

From left to right! What a year!

Over the last year, I have been teaching myself to sew and make clothes so I really wanted a space to share my makes online. I’ve gone from making a skirt with the seams all sticking out wrong because I didn’t understand the structure of a garment (Yes, that’s been shoved to the back of the sewing wardrobe!) to making a pair of work trousers in less than a day last weekend… I’m really, really, really proud of them hehe.

Aside from that, I am always hunting out vintage goodies for my Etsy shop Satiable Fashion, cooking, baking and working on projects around the house so you can expect a collection of posts that I hope will be enjoyable!

Right, I’ve babbled for long enough now! Thank you for reading and if you enjoy, please feel free to pass on my blog to friends. Talk to you soon, Georgia

PS… I’m having trouble with my sidebar, if there are any wordpress pro’s out there I would appreciate you getting in touch!


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